Tahina Marcette, Artist/Creative Entrepreneur

A Creative Genius

The next Woman to be featured in my Women’s History Month Empowerment Series is Tahina Marcette. I recently met this sister on facebook, and let me tell you, I was instantly inspired by her deep engagement in various artistic fields. She paints, curates artistic events for children and adults, offers several creative services, and provides all of these things as a virtual assistant. That’s incredible!

Here, read a little of her bio below;

I’m Tahina Marcette. I’m a self-taught artist and creative entrepreneur, who helps people heal through creative wellness and art therapy. I’m the founder of Marcette Studio, a creative wellness and mobile art studio. I bring art therapy and creative wellness programs right to your doorstep.

With a central focus on arts & wellness, Marcette Studio utilizes artistic expression through various art forms as therapy to help people heal.

What I really love and appreciate about what this sister is doing, is that she’s making these artistic avenues of healing and creation accessible to everyone in the Black community.

Read a quote from her below;

“Marcette Studio increases your accessibility to art therapy and creative wellness programs. We break down barriers by bringing the supplies and services that facilitate transformation through art therapy to the community.”

Her bio continues;

Although I’ve only been painting since 2015, I grew up involved in all types of art programs such as dance, singing, music and theater.

Reading this in her bio was profound to me;

“I believe in using my gifts to help others find their creativity and embrace it.”

I relate to that, and it’s my experience that many others do as well.

Here, read more;

With a foundation in the hospitality and marketing field, I have a heart to support and serve others. I love to help people and bring that passion for helping others heal through art. I want to help break the negative stigmas of mental health and therapy in my community, and art therapy allows that in a unique and non-invasive way. Currently, I am on my way to becoming a certified creative arts therapist.

Can you see why I had to feature this incredible sister here? She’s simply phenomenal.

Tahina, sister, thank you for your contributions to humanity and to the rich legacy of Black Women in America and throughout the diaspora. We acknowledge you, we celebrate you, and we support you. Thank you.

Tahina Marcette, Virtual Assistant

Follow Tahina on social media: Facebook , Instagram.





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