Elle Daniel, Mother & Entrepreneur

A Familial Force

Suga Ray
3 min readMar 7, 2022


This next Woman I’m highlighting in my Women’s History Month Empowerment Series is Elle Daniel. This sister is an absolute powerhouse! Read below:

Elle Daniel is a mother and entrepreneur whose philosophy of "do for self or suffer the consequences" has caused her to venture into the world of entrepreneurship where she has been able to build several 6 figure businesses ranging from virtual bookkeeping to an ecommerce brand. Born in Trinidad and raised in the East NY section of Brooklyn, she has seen firsthand the lack of resources and health disparities among Melanated women and children. Just two years after giving birth to her daughter JadaLeigh, she was determined to not fall victim to the system, so she made a commitment to work on her fitness and mental health. Elle has not only been able to transform her life, losing over 45 pounds; she has coached hundreds of men, women and children on the fundamentals of being holistically strong through entrepreneurship, fitcamps (which are 21-Day virtual classes she hosts monthly), nutrition and self-love. With a background in tech finance and customer service, she has utilized her skills to empower, inspire and lead by example; which has been most evident in her talented 12-year-old gymnast daughter who has Olympic Gold written all over her. This mommy-daughter duo has a clothing brand "Family Over Everything" and is a force to be reckoned with, taking the health and wellness industry by storm.

Elle’s physical transformation.

Listen, when I first came in contact with Elle nearly a decade ago, she was a completely different person. I mean, through brief conversations I knew she always had an edge to her. She came off as determined, faithful and focused on something bigger than whatever was right in front of her. I was right. All these years later and this sister has not only completely transformed her life, but has helped hundreds, if not thousands of people do the same.

It’s a true joy watching this sister build a fitness and mental toughness brand, not only with her daughter JadaLeigh by her side, but in tandem with her.

Elle and her daughter JadaLeigh

I want to publicly acknowledge and celebrate the contributions this Black Woman has made and continues to make to society and for Black people specifically.

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