Meleya Dunn, Artist/Entrepreneur

Artistically Gifted

Suga Ray
3 min readMar 31, 2022


The next sister to be featured in my Women’s History Month Empowerment series is Meleya Dunn. This young sister is flat out brilliant, talented and destined for massive success. I came across her art on instagram and was instantly blown away! I really love that she uses her talent to empower people and spread positive messages.

Here, read a bit of her bio below;

I am Meleya Isis Nehmiya Dunn (MIND). I was born in St.Louis Missouri and later moved to Texas at the age of 7. I graduated from Braswell High school. I recently transferred from Pratt and currently attend the University of North Texas.

Meleya Dunn, Artist/Entrepreneur

Meleya’s art, like the art of many of the world’s greats, takes the observer on a journey of self discovery. To do that consistently, even with the seemingly simplest piece of art, takes not only talent, but a deep innerstanding of not only art, but of the human spirit, heart and mind.

I really appreciate her sharing this part of her journey;

“I can still remember, around the age of 6, taking copy paper from the printer and taking it everywhere with me to draw on. I have been running my own business ever since.”

Although the governments should be doing more to support artists, I get really excited by fellow artists who tap in to their entrepreneurial skills and transform their art into a business. This sister has done it. It’s a true joy witnessing her work and grow via social media.

Read more of her bio here;

I have been an artist all my life. Sculpting and painting have always been my passions. I started graphic design at 11 and sold my first painting at 13.

Meleya Isis Nehmiya Dunn (MIND)

Meleya, sister, thank you for your many artistic contributions to humanity and to the rich legacy of Black Women in America and throughout the diaspora. We acknowledge you, we celebrate you, and we support you. Thank you.

Here, read a little about the mission she is on;

“A huge goal of mine is to continue bringing awareness to others so they know that they can literally do anything in this world. I want them to continue pursuing their passion. I can remember when I first realized I can do whatever I set my mind to. All I want now is to inspire every individual to know that as well.”

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