Dr. Rebe Renee Perry-Ufele with her youngest daughter Egypt Ify Ufele

Multi-Generational Greatness

This next feature in my Women’s History Month Empowerment series is a very special feature. Let me talk a little about 2 of my favorite people in the whole entire world. Egypt and her mom Dr. Reba. I first met Dr. Reba doing community work in Jamaica, Queens way back in 2010/2011, maybe even earlier. Egypt was a very little girl. After only a few conversations and attending only a few events together, Dr. Reba said to me “Suga Ray, you my baby brother now. I’m going to support you no matter what.” And she’s stuck by that since. This mother-daughter tandem is truly one of a kind, and most certainly one to be looked at as an example of what’s possible. What’s possible when a mother takes a proactive approach to her daughter being bullied and supports her daughter’s vision to be a world renowned fashion designer, author and world changer.

Here, read Dr. Reba’s bio below;

Dr. Reba Renee Perry-Ufele, Chaplain/CEO/Doula/Speaker

I’m a Mother to two daughters (Sade Imani and Egypt Ifunanya), Daughter to parents ( Late Hon. Richard & Chaplain Nellie Rembert), Godmother (14), and the owner of Youth on the Rise Daycare Inc. Additionally, I am a United Federation Teacher, United Nations Ambassador, Domestic Violence/Rape Counselor, Drug/Alcohol Counselor, NYPD Chaplain, Minister, Certified Birth Doula, Certified Breastfeeding Counselor, Postpartum Doula, Certified Childbirth Educator, Advanced Lactation, Perinatal Nutrition Educator &Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor.

As you can see, Dr. Reba wears many hats, and to be quite honest, she wears all of them very well. What I probably admire most about Dr. Reba though, is the way in which she has included her family, her mother and her children, in her greatness.

Dr. Reba, who is every bit of a Diva has subsequently given her magazine the title of “Diva Dynasty” is quoted below;

“A Diva is a spiritual woman, a happy woman, a good mother, a good mate, a good friend and a good neighbor.”

Dr. Reba is flat out incredible. Now, let’s talk about her youngest daughter Egypt for a minute.

Egypt Ify Ufele and her mom Dr. Reba Renee Perry-Ufele

As I mentioned above, I first met Egypt when she was just a little girl practicing her model walk at events in Queens. Although Egypt was just a little girl, surrounded by other children, there was something very different and special about Egypt. The way she paid attention to details, and how she did her thing with power, but enough grace to make space for everyone, was remarkable to witness. Needless to say, I was a proud uncle, watching my recently unofficially adopted niece blossom into greatness.

Here, read some of Egypt’s bio below;

Egypt Ufele was born and raised in Queens, NY. She is a humanitarian, fashion designer, anti-bullying activist, UN youth ambassador, host of the international teen summit, author of 2 books, the CEO of 2 companies, and a straight A student. Egypt is a flat out child prodigy, a true game changer. Egypt shocked the world, well, maybe everyone except her mother and those closest to her, when she became the youngest fashion designer , at the age of 10, to present an all-inclusive fashion line for NYFW.

Dr. Reba can often be heard saying something like;

“I always knew Egypt had it in her. The bullying and everything wasn’t gonna stop her, it was gonna propel her forward, to go even higher. I always knew Egypt was destined for greatness.”

Egypt Ify Ufele, 16yrs old.

As you can see, Egypt is a true force to be reckoned with. She does so much, and does it all with grace. For a teenager so be so committed to greatness and making a positive impact in the world, is remarkable, to say the least.

Here, read more about her below;

Intent on helping others live their best lives, Egypt empowers people of all ages to dream, set goals, and achieve. Her gentle demeanor belies her firm resolve as she crushes the fashion industry with iconic fashion and sassy looks for children, plus-size women, boys and men.

All of us experience traumatic situations that alter our lives. Many of us never transform our pain into our power. Egypt has done that, and she spreads that to others. Read more below;

Egypt’s foundation, Bully Chasers, along with her 2 books “Life By My own Design” and “Power Of Style”, provides resources and support for children that are bullied. She inspires and empowers youth to build their confidence level, and shows them how to become entrepreneurs themselves and make their mark on society. Both of her books are part of the school curriculums worldwide and are offered in several languages.

“Life By My Own Design”, by Egypt Ufele & Michelle R. Britto, LMSW. Illustrated by Avia Schelts-Brown

Egypt is the true embodiment of what it means to be a humanitarian. All of her aspirations, dreams and moves are rooted in benefitting everyone around her, and quite frankly, everyone in the world.

Here, read more about this young phenom;

As the pandemic loomed in 2020, Egypt shifted her focus and began using her sewing skills and notoriety to provide masks, caps, gowns and other resources for the frontline/essential workers. She addresses the struggles and stress levels of teens monthly via the International teen Summit, where youth are able to discuss their experiences during the pandemic, worldwide, amongst themselves.

Egypt’s Bully Free World

Egypt has already done so much. She’s received countless accolades for her work and dedication to empowering girls, and really all of humanity, worldwide. Read some of her accomplishments below;

Egypt has been featured by Inside Edition, Access Hollywood, Popsugar, Essence, Craines Busness, Refinery29, Black Enterprise Magazine, Teen Vogue, NY1, CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, the Huffington Post, Forbes, Chicago Times. She’s been recognized by the Chamber of Commerce, Harlem Hospital, the Mayor of Boston, NY State Senators, and many more. Additionally, amongst many other awards and special honors, she received the NAACP Danny Glover Award.

Oh yeah, on top of all, Egypt was featured in her own ?Unstoppable? Ford commercial. Can we call her a living legend yet? Yes we can! And we will! Because she is! At just 16 years of age, Egypt has not only accomplished more than most do in a lifetime, she’s provided more service to folks than many do in a lifetime. Yes, it’s great that Egypt is talented and has the support of her mother and family. Yes, it’s great that she believes in herself and has the skills to execute on her ideas. All of that is true. But for me, what truly makes me super proud to call Egypt my niece, is her heart for humanity. She gives so much of herself, to everyone. That is what, in my opinion, cements Egypt’s legacy as one of the greats of humanity.

Egypt Ify Ufele, International Hero

Egypt recently posted the above picture on facebook with the caption below;

“Wearing my crown even of it tilts. 🙏🏿”

Dr. Reba and Egypt, thank you both for your invaluable contributions to humaniy and to the very rich legacy of Black Girls and Women in America and throughout the diaspora. We acknowledge you both, we celebrate you both, and we support you both. Thank you, both of you, for everything.

Hit the following links to get in touch With Dr. Reba

www.doulasatlarge.com www.youthontherisedaycare.com www.ministryatlarge.com www.divadynastymagazine.com

Egypt Ufele is a fashion mogul capturing the runway, the fashion industry, and the business world with the power of her convictions.

Support her journey. Hit the following link www.chubiiline.com. Follow her on instagram as well (click here).



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