Jodelle Duverseau, Founder — Femmedusoir LLC.

The Embodiment Of Power

The next Woman to be featured in my Women’s History Month Empowerment series is a sister that has become one of my favorite people in the whole world, Jodelle Duverseau. Listen, I connected with this sister on facebook nearly a decade ago. Her life was completely different than what it is now. I mean, her mind was probably already here, but, she has had possibly the greatest transition I’ve ever witnessed in this way.

We cannot talk about Women’s History without talking about power, or empowerment, and specifically the empowerment of women. Empowerment happens in many ways, and I don’t think any way is more or less right or wrong than any other. However, I do think it’s a very special and powerful thing when someone can take something that was meant to destroy them, and use it to empower themselves and transform their life and the lives of those around them. That is what this sister has done.

Read some of her bio below;

Jodelle Duverseau is the founder of Femmedusoir LLC, a brand promoting sensuality and aiming to de-stigmatize sexual taboo at large.

Before devoting her time to fully work on Femmedusoir, Jodelle was known as a muse (art model), working for art establishments like The Art Students League of New York, Society Of Illustrators, School of Visual Arts, and FIT.

Jodelle Duverseau, Founder — Femmedusoir LLC.

Jodelle has also worked with a great range of artists, from sculptors, to painters and photographers whom have given her experience in the art world, the ease and confidence to pursue her passion for Sensual Art.

Jodelle is the first person I’ve seen go from simply posting erotic poetry and sensual photos on social media, to actually building a financially successful brand that’s rooted in Sensual Art. It’s fascinating really. And to know that, as Jodelle embraces her body and all in her mission to remove all the taboos that have been associated with sex, millions of people will be positively impacted, is inspiring to say the least.

Read more about her below;

Jodelle has written numerous articles and is also known as a creator, encouraging her audience to experience their sensuality, while also promoting sexual comfort and self-care through her social platforms.

You see, sex and sexuality have become so taboo in our society, that people are hiding themselves, from themselves, in fear of being judged and ridiculed by folks who won’t take the time to get to know them. Jodelle’s work gives confidence to everyone, men and women, regardless of sexual preference, race, culture, etc. This is important because confidence in one area, has the habit of seeping into other areas of our lives.

Jodelle Duverseau, Founder — Femmedusoir LLC.

In all honesty, following Jodelle’s work so closely over the years, I’ve learned a lot. In addition to learning from her, I gained even more confidence in myself and my abilities to create the life I dream of, as well as becoming even more comfortable with my body and my sexuality. This sister’s work is so powerful and necessary.

Her ultimate goal is below;

“My ultimate goal is to help my audience surrender to their senses, enticing, educating and encouraging them to create more time to explore their sensual self.”

With over 61 thousand followers on instagram alone, many of which engage with her regularly, I think it’s safe to say that this sister has blazed a new trail and has given new meaning to the term “Sex Sells”, making it more fitting to say “Sensuality Sells”.

Jodelle Duverseau, Founder — Femmedusoir LLC.

Jodelle, beloved, thank you so very much for all of your invaluable contributions to humanity and to the rich legacy of Black Women in America and throughout the diaspora. We acknowledge you, we celebrate you, and we support you. Thank you so much.

Connect with Jodelle on social media and support her work. Facebook , Instagram .



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